Beginnings are always hard when you are writing anything.  More so than finishing well I believe that most writers hope to have a memorable beginning.  So this is my attempt at a memorable beginning:

First things first, I know it’s misspelled. The title of the blog, I mean.  I know.  It was planned.  The correct spelling is irrelevant.  However, I’m spelling it iRelevant.  No it isn’t a rip on Apple (I love Apple), or an homage to them.  I’ll explain why I did that a little in a later post.

So introductions.  I’m AJ.  I’m a follower of Jesus Christ.  I’m married (4 years) and a father of 1 (soon to be 2). I’m a father, husband, and lover because of my best friend LibertyI work at a church in small town Texas full time.  I’m also a sinner.  Big time.  But I serve a bigger God.  This is a blog where I will get to be honest and open about what living a Christian life is like.  I hope you’ll read and be open and honest along with me.  Later.



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