Would You Have the Guts?


So I’m starting something today called the “2:30 feeling” post.  It’s not going to be a deep post.  Just something to distract from that tired, yawning, mundane feeling that hits people around 2:30 in the afternoon.  Today I have a video that I love.  This is my friend Creighton Baird.  We graduated High School together in Amarillo, TX.  I haven’t gotten to see him in a few years having lived in Virginia for school.  He was also busy doing crazy stuff like this in Utah:

This video is by Devin Graham.  He’s an amazing videographer who has done some really cool stuff.  Check out his YouTube channel.  Here is the actual video for the rope swing for those who can’t get enough:

So my questions are: Would you have the guts to jump?  Would you have the guts to push someone you loved?  Sound off!




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