Traveling With One Tunic

The Lone Traveler


In Luke 9, Jesus performs one of the most important parts of His ministry while on Earth.  He sends the twelve disciples out to tell the world about God’s coming Kingdom.  Now you may be saying, “hey, that didn’t happen until later!  Jesus hadn’t died yet!”  And you’re right.  Jesus hadn’t died on the cross forever freeing mankind from their sins yet, but this was still a very important moment.  The Bible says that when Jesus had called the twelve together He “gave them power to drive out all demons and cure diseases.”  So Jesus gives the disciples the ability to perform miracles in order to show the world the love of God and the better way of life that God promised for His children.  He then tells them something I think is both odd and amazing at the same time: “Take nothing for the journey—no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra tunic.”

As I am looking to finish my masters in May, I remember vividly the day five years ago that I packed up and made the long drive from Texas to Virginia to get to school.  My parents made the trip with me so that I could bring all of my guitars, my TV, my computer, my blankets, and basically everything that composed my worldly possessions along to college.  My car is a tiny two door coupe and I could maybe fit a TV and one guitar before I couldn’t see out of my windshield so I was extremely grateful for my parents coming along.  Once I had gotten unpacked my dad went about putting all of my things back together from the move.  He got a tool kit for me so that I could fix things myself, checked the fuses in my dorm room, and did a final tune up on my car before he and the rest of my family gathered outside to tell me goodbye.  The last thing my Dad said to me was: “Son, this stuff will only get you by for a few months, so if you need anything, call me.  I love you.  You’re going to do great.”

I think about that day and I feel like I can empathize with the way the disciples probably felt.  My Dad didn’t tell me anything as radical as: “only wear one shirt,” mainly because my Mom would have flipped, but I still understand what they must have been thinking.  Jesus even tells them that they can’t take a staff to walk with!  Why would He do that?  I believe that Jesus was implying that the disciples didn’t have to depend on anything but Him for what they needed.  Jesus would take care of them and they could be confident in that.  So confident in fact that they didn’t even have to take an extra tunic.  They were one tunic travelers and I believe that is what Christian’s are called to be as follower’s of Christ.  We are His emissaries to the world and we have to be one-tunic travelers or else we will depend on ourselves or others for our needs instead of Jesus.  We have to depend on Jesus for every breath or our mission will become muddled with less important things.  With our hearts focused on Christ and our heads depending on Him for our needs we are able to effectively know Christ and make Him known to the world.

Let’s travel with one tunic.

Let’s depend on Christ.

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