Work, Dream Jobs, and Happy Pills


So it’s been a long while since I’ve written anything.  I know, skipping longer than a week is bad blogging etiquette, but it’s been a busy time, and my entire family came down with some kind of cough/allergy full-on assault.  I needed the break, and anything I would’ve written was guaranteed to bore anyone to death.  I only like writing when I’m inspired with something to say.  I got inspired yesterday by a discussion I had about work, finding a job, and following dreams.  This got me thinking:

Why is depression and anti-depressant medicine one of the top diagnosis for America today?  I believe it’s because a lot of people stop dreaming.  They get into a job, a type or work, a career, something that pays the bills, and they stop dreaming.  They get into the mindset that, “this is it, forever.”  They will hope to get raises and promotions, sure, but as far as their life is concerned, they will do whatever pays the bills until they are 65 and they retire. Disclaimer: I am by no means saying that depression is a fake diagnosis or that chemical imbalances don’t happen.  Depression is real and needs to be dealt with, whether by changing something in your control or seeing a healthcare professional.

Sometimes this is due to having a family.  Food has to be on the table, bills have to get paid, and doctor visits will inevitably occur.  That’s life.  I get that.  But do we have to stop dreaming because life happens?  Isn’t the point of the life God gave us to dream and feel fulfilled in what we’re doing to bring Him glory (John 10:10)? Our lives are supposed to be like a sheep who is under the care of the greatest shepherd.

I have a feeling that life doesn’t suck.

I have a feeling that life is absolutely amazing.

So why do a lot of people feel depressed in America?  Why are people constantly dissatisfied with their lives?  Could it be that it’s because they’ve stopped dreaming?  Because they’ve stopped chasing after the things that make them really happy and made it about chasing an image they want or an item they want to own?

You’ll notice that I put a picture of a musician at the top of the post.  That was a dream of mine when I went to college.  I wanted to do music, everyday, all day, forever.  You know what happened?  I got into my first theory class, it got hard, and I dropped the course.  I remember saying to myself: “I’ll just teach myself.”  Psh.

I’ve gotten better at music since then, but I would be SO much better at it had I stuck to the course.

Does that mean I quit dreaming?

Nope.  I took a class in Youth Ministry and figured out that God had wired me to get fulfillment from working with a bunch of teenagers AND from worshipping Him through music.  Crazy.

I now work as a youth pastor and love every minute of it.  Plus I get to lead worship for my group each week.  It’s a blast.

Funny how God works out the details if we just trust His design for our lives and stop trying to get the design He gave to someone else.




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