Never Stop Resting


Something I read yesterday struck me as interesting.  I was reading Luke 9 and it discusses one of my favorite passages.  Luke records that Jesus tells the apostles to go out and that they will have power to drive out the demons, to heal the sick, and to proclaim the good news.

He then tells them to rely completely on God to take care of them.  To only take one shirt, no money, and nothing other than what was on them at the time.  I’ve written about that before.  What struck me this time though was what was recorded after this.  It’s just one verse, but I think it’s powerful.

Read Luke 9:10: “On their return the apostles told him all that they had done.  And he took them and withdrew apart to a town called Bethsaida.”  Did you catch it?  The first thing Jesus did when they returned was to take them away from the massive crowds that usually accompanied Jesus everywhere He went and allow them to rest and recover from their travels.  He knew that ministering in His name was draining on them.  It takes a lot of energy, faith, and zeal to live outside of your comfort zone for that amount of time.  The disciples literally took nothing with them, putting their faith solely on the provision of God and remained faithful to proclaim the message of Jesus.  That would be draining for anyone.  The tendency to worry didn’t just disappear from their personalities. So when they got back Jesus knew they needed to recover.

He took them to rest and to minister to them.  To talk with them.  To debrief them.

We can’t minister for Christ effectively in our lives on a consistent basis and not need rest at some point.  So today, let’s commit to never stop ministering, but also to never stop resting.

To never stop leaning into Jesus for recovery from the junk of this life that will beat on us as we try to navigate life with Jesus as our God, guide, and source.

To never stop pausing from ministry to allow Jesus to minister to our souls and fill us up to be emptied again.

Never. Stop. Resting.

That’s my prayer today.

What’s yours?  Thought?



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